A Minnesota Public Charter School

An elementary K-6, year-round Dakota and Ojibwe language immersion school



Main Office Number:

(612) 729-9266

Main Fax Number:

(612) 729-9412

General E-mail:


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Administration/Support Services

Cindy Ward-Thompson, Director, cindy@bdote.org
Iva Bunker, Operatons Director, Ojibwe Elder, ivab@bdote.org
Elisa Waukazo, Technology Director, elisaw@bdote.org
Elizabeth Sullivan, Social Worker, Elizabeths@bdote.org
Angela (Two Stars) Papenfuss, Curriculum Coordinator, Angelap@bdote.org
Anastasia Pinney-Valtierra, Dean Of Students, anastasiapv@bdote.org
Liz Cates, Project Director For MIAC Grant, elizabeth@bdote.org
Kevin Smokeyday, Ciltural Liaison, Ojibwe Elder, Kevinsmokeyday@bdote.org
Bill Kunze, Lunch Assistant, Ojibwe Elder, billk@bdote.org
Jill Johnson, Nurse (mondays Only), Nurse@bdote.org
Naabek (Adrian) Liberty, Curriculum and Instruction Coach, naabek@bdote.org

Dakota Program

Beth Brown, Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade, bethb@bdote.org
Rocky Makes Room For Them, Instructor, Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade para, rockym@bdote.org
Jarydd Boston, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade, jaryddb@bdote.org
Linda Rose, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade, Elder, lindar@bdote.org
Victoria Morris, 6th/7th grade, Victoriam@bdote.org
Barry Frantum, 6th/7th grade, Barryf@bdote.org
Dustin Peyton, 6th/7th grade para, dustinp@bdote.org

Ojibwe Program

Monica Briggs, Kindergarten/1st grade, monicab@bdote.org
Julie Kunze, Kindergarten/1st grade para, juliek@bdote.org
Rob Callahan, Kindergarten/1st grade para, robc@bdote.org
Veronica Peterson-Briggs, 2nd/3rd grade, veronicab@bdote.org​
Tony Frank, Drum Instructor, 2nd/3rd grade para, tonyk@bdote.org
Kate Stemper, 2nd/3rd grade para, Kates@bdote.org
Liz Collins, 4th/5th grade, liz@bdote.org
Caley Pieper, 4th/5th grade para, caleyp@bdote.org
Korissa Howes, 6th/7th grade, Korissah@bdote.org
Memegwesi (David) Sutherland, Instructor, 6th/7th grade, memedwesis@bdote.org
Jei Herald-Zamora, 6th/7th grade para , jaycolettehg@bdote.org

General Ed Program

Laura Potter, Literacy Coach, laurap@bdote.org
Caitlyn Pieper, AmeriCorps Reading Corp Coach (K-3), Caitlynp@bdote.org
Grayson Pangbrun, Gym Teacher, graysonp@bdote.org

Special Education

Michele Fluhr-Fraser, Special Ed Teacher, michelef@bdote.org
Katie Vigness, Intersession Cooedinator,Special Ed Teacher, Katiev@bdote.org
Emily Schwarting, Special Ed Para, emilys@bdote.org