A Minnesota Public Charter School

An elementary K-6, year-round Dakota and Ojibwe language immersion school

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Bdote Learning Center
A Dakota and Ojibwe Language Immersion School
"A Story of the Journey"
2008 to 2015 and Counting
By Ruth Anne Olson

          The founding board members of Bdote Learning Center are honored to share with   

     you the story of Bdote’s beginnings.

          We know that there are thousands of indigenous language advocates and  

     practitioners around the country who share our commitment to provide our children

     with an education rooted in our Native languages and cultures. Some of you have 

     already started your own schools and programs, and we have learned much from you.

     Others of you may be on the path to starting your programs, and we stand in solidarity

     with you as you struggle along with us each day to achieve this dream.

          One thought that has kept us moving ahead through all of the many challenges

     we’ve faced, is that it took the colonizers over five hundred years to accomplish the

     near loss of our languages. We should not be too hard on ourselves if we haven’t fully     

     reclaimed them in the space of a few years.

           We hope to stay strong in our commitment, and firm in our direction until

     Minnesota’s indigenous languages, Ojibwe and Dakota, are once again the First

     Languages spoken by our children.

                                                                                                        Elaine J. Salinas,
                                                                                                        Board of Directors